Is It A Reasonable Decision To Important Drugs?


The prices of drugs are rising as time goes by. Most of the time, the cost of drug is one of the reasons why many people don’t get the kind of healthcare they need. We are living in a world where people search for ways to lower pharmacy cost and one of which is sourcing drugs internationally through the drug distribution company (บริษัทจำหน่ายยา, term in Thai). If you are considering this route, there are a few important things you should keep in mind. It is a must to contemplate whether or not importing drugs is beneficial. 

What is drug importation?

It pertains to the process of sourcing drugs from other countries into your country of resident. It commonly involves prescription medications. It can be done in two ways –the sponsor can acquire the medicines through a vendor working with a docile pharmacy particularly the ones that have the capability to ship internationally. Another way to acquire drug is to travel outside the country and bring the drug back home. It is also called “pharmaceutical tourism.” Both of these ways are a perfect chance to buy drugs at a significantly lower price.

Will drug importation really help you save money?

Does importing drugs will really help you save money? How will it help you save money when you are sourcing drugs from faraway places? Well, there are various factors affecting the cost of medicines such as the brand name, especially for prescription drugs. Such drugs undergone thorough research and studies. For drug manufacturer’s cost of medicine, they usually offset the cost of research and development particularly those that didn’t make it to the market. 

Will it guarantee safety and efficacy?

Of course, yes! When it comes to drugs, especially the prescription ones, the Food and Drug Administration has employ strict measures to ensure that the drugs imported passed the standards for quality and safety. The drug distribution company strictly adhere to FDA’s terms and conditions. If not, they will be held responsible and could be facing repercussions. It does not only lead to revocation of license to operate, but there are criminal implications too. After all, medicines are something that you should not take for granted. They are designed to make you feel well and healthy and not the other way around. 

The drug importation company must meet all the importation requirements, which is thorough and vast. Sure enough, there are imported drugs sold by people who traveled abroad, but most of those drugs are not regulated. When it comes to drugs under drug distribution company, they are typically the ones heavily regulated. An ordinary person cannot just purchase them without prescription or authorization. So there you go! For safety and efficacy, you should not worry for the imported drugs are imported with patient’s welfare in mind. After all, drug importation is not a new thing. It has been a practice by pharmaceutical companies for many years only that many people are not aware of it. Drug importation’s aim is to deliver high quality medicines at a significantly lower cost. 



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