How Do Eye-Beg Surgeries Work? Procedure And Types


Bags beneath the eyes are typically cosmetic and do not indicate any medical conditions.

However, folks should visit a doctor if the region around the eyes is uncomfortable, itchy, red, or changing unexpectedly. It can be a symptom of an allergy or sickness.

Even while ageing is the primary cause of eyes begs (วิธีลดถุงใต้ตาแบบธรรมชาติ, which is the term in Thai), many individuals are genetically predisposed to them. Like having a similar nose or facial shape, this feature is frequently shared by members of the same family.

The Method For Removing Eye Bags

Eye bag reduction surgery, commonly known as blepharoplasty, is a simple procedure that typically takes one to three hours and is frequently performed as a day case. Whether you choose to have surgery on the upper lids, lower lids, or both will affect how long you will need to recover and how long you will spend in the operating room.

During The Surgery

To prepare for surgery, your surgeon will come and see you in the surgical suite and circle the eyes with a pen. They will also get your final approval and respond to any last-minute inquiries you might have. You might have ice packs placed over your eyes right after surgery to minimize the effects of bruising and swelling. If you need eye ointment or painkillers, those things will be provided for you.

The Benefits Of Having Eye Beg Surgery

Enhanced confidence in oneself and self-worth overall.

  • Remove that “tired look.”
  • Smoother applying makeup.
  • Correcting early ageing.
  • Appearance enhancement/younger-looking.
  • In some circumstances, improved vision.

What Takes Place During The Operation?

In this scenario, the lower lash line would serve as the location of the incision. The doctor will trim any extra fat, skin, and muscle layers. They might also move the tissue. After the surgery, the incisions are closed with tiny sutures.

Eye bag treatment entails lifting the under-eye fats, removing extra skin, and tightening the muscles to give the patient a more rested appearance. There are two main surgical methods used to do lower lid blepharoplasty:


This method involves an incision on the lower part of the lid, just below the line of the lashes. During this treatment, extra skin and muscles are removed. There would be more fat, which would cause the bulge.


An operation performed transconjunctivally leaves no scars. The lower lid is where the incision is made. It is a noteworthy choice when the skin becomes tight and the fat needs to be repositioned.

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