Herbal Teas for Better Digestion; things to know!

Herbal Teas for Better Digestion; things to know!

Digestion is one of those things that you don’t think about until there’s a rumble in your tummy. If you’re not feeling well in your stomach, the entire world feels off. Many people these days are turning to organic home remedies they can use when their stomachs aren’t feeling good. Below is a list of herbal teas that can help aid in digestion.

Peppermint tea

A cup of peppermint tea is the perfect after-meal treat. The taste of peppermint will bring you to the holidays no matter what time of year it is. You can’t help but think of Santa and snow on the ground any time you taste peppermint.

Did you know that peppermint can help soothe your sick stomach? It can and also, even if you’re not sick, peppermint can help you digest your food better. You could think of peppermint tea as preventative measures to ensure you don’t get a stomach ache later on or just think of it as a delicious drink with many health benefits.

Ginger tea can soothe what ails you

Ginger is a spice that is used all over the world and comes in many different forms. You should always have a hand of ginger on, well, hand so you can enjoy its health benefits. The fresh ginger that you see in the store is referred to as a hand, just in case you didn’t get the joke.

All you have to do is peal a few pieces of ginger and place them in a cup and pour hot water over them. If you love ginger, you’ll really enjoy the taste of ginger tea. It’ll take you some time to learn just how strong you like your ginger tea. If you find that your tea is too strong, add a little water to it.

Fennel isn’t just for Italian cooking anymore

Fennel is one of the most unique spices out there. Fennel tastes a lot like star anise, but it has a much more subtle taste. Drinking tea made from fennel seeds will make you think you’re sipping on a cup of the flavor of Italy.

Many of you probably are familiar with the taste of fennel because of Italian sausage. If that taste is appealing to you, then fennel tea is a must. Just be aware that the taste of fennel on its own is quite unique and some can find it off putting at first.

Chamomile tea calms you and your stomach down

Are you stressed out? Do you find yourself feeling like you need a break and your stomach has issues? If you have both of those things going on in your life, you need chamomile tea. You need to understand that chamomile tea is very subtle, and it’s not as potent as, let’s say ginger tea. However, it can offer some surprising benefits for your gut.

Most of you have probably read about the relaxing properties of chamomile tea, but the fact that it can help with digestion might be new to you. A cup of chamomile tea throughout the day is great for those who are feeling stressed out or if your gut is acting up. Also, if you just want a hot drink without caffeine, chamomile tea is a great choice because the flavor is so light, and there’s literally no downside to drinking it.

Tea isn’t just the stuff you eat with scones

Well, here we are at the end of our discussion on tea. Did you notice that we didn’t mention green or black tea? Those both have health benefits, but if you have a problem with your stomach, you don’t want to reach for those. The ones that you want to reach for are the ones listed above. If there’s one tea that should be your go-to for digestion, it should be peppermint. It seems to have the best qualities, and it’s delicious.

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