Advantages of PRP Microneedling


You have certainly heard about microneedling, a procedure that employs carefully timed micro-injuries to encourage your skin’s natural healing process, whether you have battled wrinkles, UV damage, or acne scars. Maybe you have also heard of “vampire facials,” or microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Despite having a horror movie-like appearance, this treatment is becoming increasingly well-known as a result of celebrity endorsements from people like Kim Kardashian.

The vampire facial is a high-tech microneedling procedure that uses the unique healing cells in your blood to even out the tone of your skin and smooth away any flaws.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP): what is it?

In this scenario, a tiny sample of your blood is used to create platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PPR is utilized due to the numerous growth factors and other advantageous proteins it includes. A tiny sample of your blood will be taken on the day of your treatment, and it will be centrifuged for around fifteen minutes. The different components of blood, including platelets, separate according to density during centrifugation. The PRP will then be extracted by your doctor to maximize its potent skin-healing properties.

How does PRP microneedling operate?

Your physician will give you a topical anesthetic for your face following a brief blood draw. After that, they will apply a derma roller or microneedling pen to it. These gadgets puncture microscopic holes in your skin, promoting the body’s natural healing processes and opening up passageways for PRP. Furthermore, by lessening the visibility of face wrinkles and scars, the microscopic fissures in the skin encourage the deeper layers of the skin to produce collagen. This promotes facial rejuvenation.

Your clinician will have plenty of time to centrifuge that blood sample into PRP because the microneedling phase of the process usually takes around 30 minutes. The PRP will then be massaged into the skin’s treated areas by your doctor. This facilitates the deep penetration of platelets and growth factors in PRP into your skin, allowing them to perform their restorative miracle.

Lastly, a balm will be applied to your face by your physician to lessen redness and discomfort. There is little to no downtime throughout the therapy, which often lasts less than two hours in total. A lot of patients go back to work the next day.

Which skin conditions can be treated WITH Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Numerous skin disorders can be improved by microneedling with prp, either with or without PRP, including:

Scars from acne

Age-related spots


Sun-related harm

Scarring brought on by wounds like burns

Over pigmentation

If you are fortunate enough to be free of these problems, you might want to think about using PRP microneedling to enhance the tone, texture, and general appearance of your skin.

Adults often tolerate the medication well, with very few side effects outside a slight irritability that lasts a few days. During the initial several days of recovery, patients should minimize their usage of personal skin care products and avoid direct sunlight for optimal outcomes. The ability to repair your skin from the ground up without invasive surgery is making the battle against aging skin with microneedling easier. Furthermore, when these instruments are combined with regenerative medicine, your skin gains access to revitalized resources that address a wide range of skin issues and remove the debris of the past.

Making a collagen call

Collagen-induction therapy, which is another name for microneedling, is the ideal tool to fight the fine lines and wrinkles that get worse on your skin as time goes on. Using microneedling, we inflict microscopic micro-damage on your skin’s surface, triggering your body’s production of collagen. Because your skin’s increasing lack of support is mostly caused by the slow loss and breakdown of collagen, microneedling functions by acting as a wake-up call for new collagen to grow.

All creases are lifted by rising skin

The treatment inflicts a matrix of microscopic micro-injuries all over the surface of your skin using microneedling technology. Your body produces collagen through fibroblasts to block these channels, and as a result, your skin’s surface becomes lifted and drooping tissue and wrinkles are smoothed out.

Looking past the wrinkles

In addition to being incredibly successful at treating wrinkles, micro-needling procedure also addresses:

Scar tissue from acne and other sources

Sun spots or age

Big pores


Uneven skin tone

An increase in platelets

PRP therapy has gained popularity in orthopedic circles because it increases healing resources, which enables patients to recover from soft-tissue injuries more quickly. It assists your connective tissue in regenerating and restoring itself by applying the same procedure to your skin. By isolating your platelets—which are rich in potent growth factors—and rerouting them into your skin, PRP therapy helps your skin heal and maintain its structural integrity.

Durable outcomes

We can achieve long-lasting results with PRP therapy, which is one of the most remarkable advantages of microneedling. You gain long-lasting, natural-looking results since your body’s natural resources are used to heal from the inside out.

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