What Is Sculptra? How Does It Work?


It performs more than “fill” the face with Sculptra Face. It promotes collagen synthesis, which aids in the skin’s natural renewal. The effects are gradual, entirely natural-looking, and stay far longer than with most other injectables. The dermal filler is unique compared to all others. If you want to go back in time, consider this injectable procedure.

Polylactic acid, a component of Sculptra, replenishes lost collagen to preserve the skin’s suppleness to get the optimum outcomes. A succession of tiny injections with varied degrees of thickness gives the treatment. The injections restore volume to the cheeks and face’s depressed areas where it has been lost to ageing.

Natural Outcomes

Most patients have four Sculptra injections in a row spread out over a few weeks to make a mesh-like structure under the skin. The injections are administered in various orientations. It indicates that the filler provides complete covering once it is in place and can act as a base for collagen to grow.

It may take some time before the benefits in the area of the face fully take hold because collagen growth might be slow. Patients, however, get results that appear more natural and less overfilled, thanks to the results’ slow onset. It will never appear as though you “had work accomplished” all of a sudden.

Long-Term Development

Results from this filler persist significantly longer than those from most other injectables since it effectively rebuilds the foundation of the face by producing collagen. Most patients are satisfied with their results for at least two years. Due to the extra collagen produced by the initial fluid facelift, you will still age better even if you opt not to have the procedure repeated.

What Are The Ingredients In Sculptra?

An FDA-approved injectable form of a substance called poly-L-lactic acid is used in this procedure to help increase the body’s production of collagen. After being injected, the Sculptra procedure gradually works to address both deep and superficial wrinkles in the skin while assisting the body in producing missing collagen.

What Are The Advantages Of Sculptra Injections And Sessions Of Treatment?

A Sculptra treatment can revitalise and renew your appearance. Sculptra can help you in a variety of ways with no or little discomfort and effects that last a maximum of two years longer than those from other dermal facial fillers.

  • Rapid collagen production
  • Improve the facial texture!
  • For results that are more natural-looking
  • Last longer

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