Say Goodbye To Stubborn Polish Stains


Nail polish remover has become an essential part of the lifestyle and involves nail care. It is generally made from acetone and is capable of dissolving all the nail paints and grease. The benefits of acetone are that:

  • It is super effective
  • Contains low toxicity
  • Safe to apply
  • No harm to the skin
  • Easy to get from the market
  • Dissolvable in water

Removers are not only used in cleaning the nails but also used in other purposes.

Cleaning The Surface

These removers are exclusively used in cleaning the surface and in floors as well. If you pour on the paper towel and wipe it on the show mart or tiles will be able to laminate the floors.

In the case of removing sticky substances from the floor will help to pull off the marks. It is also useful in taking out the stain from the wood.

Shining Shoes

The remover contains the element that is highly used in shining shoes especially black shoes. It is simple as you can take a cloth and then just take a small amount of the remover (รีมูฟเวอร์, which is the term in Thai) and wipe it on the shoe. Then there you go you will be getting shiny shoes.

Eliminates Stains From The Bathtub Ring

The stains from the bathroom tub are tough and require proper things to remove all the dirt that is built into it. In this way, removers play an essential part where it displays good results. It can remove all those dirty stains on the surface. Through this way it is making the work accessible.

Some Of The Health Properties

In most cases, removers contain Isopropyl Acetone which deals with the activity of exposure to respiratory disorders. It is said that the workers working in the long term have been proved to have exposure to eye irritation, nausea, and sore throat. Without a doubt, acetone is useful in removing dirt but at the same time, it creates disbalance in the body. The disadvantage of acetone is that it involves extreme toxicity in the kidneys.


In this way, the remover has become vital and useful in sections of the work. It is widely used and successfully removes all kinds of stains that it feels that it might remove.

In each of the ways, it will be delivering the most useful activity and also sustaining the other process.

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